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Poetry in motion

The 2nd Graders in Mrs. Wolfe's Online class have become poets... and they KNOW it! Learners worked for 5 weeks on studying all about poetry, what types of features and strategies poets use to make their writing amazing, and how 2nd graders can also write fabulous poems to share.

To celebrate the fabulous growing, learning and the writing that they did, Mrs. Wolfe's 2nd grade class had a Poetry Party! They donned their best party hats, chose a special piece of poetry they had written, edited, revised and finalized, and presented their poetry to their classmates. A lot of amazing creativity and support for one another was shared!

stillwater pony head

In Other News

kids holding up their artwork

Ms. Tolaas’s 4th grade online classroom has been doing mini artist studies throughout the year, and this one was about Pablo Picasso.