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Lily Lake CIP Program Supply List


Here are the supplies required to keep our classroom up and running! We understand that the start of the school year can be expensive for many families, so please let your teacher know if you’d like to send the supplies in a few weeks.

*2 boxes of facial tissues

*1 - box of markers

*10 - glue sticks 

*2 - packs of dry erase markers

*1 - box of plastic forks and spoons

*Clear packaging tape Scotch Brand

*Grades K-2: 1 - box of gallon size baggies

               1 - package of paper bowls

*Grade 3: 1 - box of gallon size baggies

          1 - pack of paper plates 

*Grade 4-5: 1 - box of quart size baggies

             1 - box 5-oz. disposable cups


*Take Home Folder ($1.50, pay on SmartSchoolK12 or cash/check payable to Lily Lake Elementary after you have received your class placement)

*1 - headphone set to be used by your student (school will have headphones available for purchase cost of $5.00,

cash or check payable to Lily Lake PTO)



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In Other News


This fall buses in the district will be equipped with a new technology that will fix problems with GPS connectivity, improve attendance taking, and make bus rides safer.