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Say hello to a “refreshed” Stillwater Area Public Schools

Say hello to a “refreshed” Stillwater Area Public Schools
Say hello to a “refreshed” Stillwater Area Public Schools

Our website just got a makeover with bright new colors and a streamlined navigation. But that’s not all that is changing around here. As a school district, we have a new focus, a clear plan for the future and a new mantra, “Expect More.”

We are committed to creating a culture that supports students and staff so that they can be their best. We want our entire community to “Expect More” from Stillwater Area Public Schools. 

Already this year we’ve been shifting our focus, realigning our resources and developing a clear plan to ensure the things you want are the things we’re providing. We’re raising our expectations, not by doing more things, but by doing a few fundamental things better. Learn all about the Pony Plan.

What you can expect from our schools:

  • We offer more for every child

  • We equip kids to successfully navigate their future

  • We inspire our students - and our staff - to be the best version of themselves

  • We create a culture of belonging, where all are welcome, seen and heard

  • We enthusiastically embrace our Pony Pride and contribute to the vitality of our community

So what’s with the blue?
We’re refreshing our color scheme to signal a change is happening. It’s a subtle change, but powerful. We’re still the Ponies you know and love. We continue to embrace our red and black tradition. Yet, like the river that is such an important part of our community’s identity, we’re flowing and changing. Blue signifies a fresh new start as we welcome in an era of stability, growth, and higher expectations. 

stillwater pony head

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